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Frequently Asked Questions

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I want to purchase a jacket but how can I pay?

You have to place the order. After placing the order click on the payment button. There you’ll get 2 options. Either you pay it through payment link on our website by your credit card or you can pay by PayPal.

Is your payment method secure for online payment?

Yes, the payment method is secure. All transactions take place on a secured server. Information received on our server gets secured from unauthorized access. All credit/debit card details will never be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third party. No problem will arise during or after the transaction.

Is there any purchase return if I am not satisfied with the size?

Size set is given on the website. If the size delivered contradicts with the size chart then you can return the order.

How can I confirm the leather’s quality?

Our leather is of top-notch quality. We process the leather in our manufacturing facility. With backward integration, we ensure that the leather quality is not compromised.

How can I confirm that my order has been placed?

When you place the order you’ll get a confirmation email. Besides the email, you’ll also get confirmation call to get you ensured about the successful placement of your order. 

What should I do in case of order delay?

Your estimated delivery time is in the confirmation email you’ll receive. You can always track your order. In case of order delay, you’ll be notified in an email. Kindly double check your email in that case. Hence you can always call the helpline for any queries. 

For how many days do you accept the order to return?

Order return policy is for 15 days only.

What is the delivery time?

Maximum delivery time is 15 days.

Is your service applicable to all the countries?

No, the service applies to the USA only. All the states of the USA are included in our service

What is the procedure to return the jacket?

To return the jacket, you can send us an email. You’ll get an immediate reply to your mail about the return time and date. We will pick the parcel from your place at the said time and date. Then after 15 days, we will resolve your complaint by dispatching the correct order. 

Is there a facility of order tracking?

Yes, you have 24/7 available facility of order tracking. 


Are there any additional charges for a customized order?

With customization in the size there is no additional charge. But if you want to make additional designing or you want to get the jacket of any sort of special leather then there will be the implementation of an additional charge.

Am I able to get a jacket in any type of leather?

Yes, you can get a jacket in any type of leather of your choice.

Do highly customized orders take more time than your usual delivery time?