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Mid-Calf Leather High Boots with Rubber Sole

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Product Type: women leather shoes
SKU: 4C682F4746584977886B54148BAF77BE
Vendor: Leather Warrior

color: white toe
size: 34
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Introducing our exquisite Mid-Calf Leather High Boots with a Rubber Sole, meticulously designed for the modern leather warrior. Crafted with a round toe and a sophisticated middle heel (3-5 cm), these boots seamlessly blend style with functionality. The sloping heel and solid color options, such as white toe and black toe, add a touch of elegance. The popular knight boots feature intricate sewing thread details, elevating the overall aesthetic. The boots boast increased functionality, providing superior breathability, anti-slip traction, and effective sweat absorption. With a high and medium cylinder design, they cater to diverse preferences, whether you prefer a thick, thin, ordinary, or extra-thick silhouette. The wearing method includes both sleeve and overshoe options, allowing for versatility in styling. Available in sizes 34 to 43, these boots offer a perfect fit for every leather warrior. Step confidently into any occasion with these meticulously crafted leather boots that effortlessly balance comfort, style, and durability.