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Vendor: Leather Warrior

Crazy Horse Leather Briefcase Large Capacity Tote Bag Men Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag

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Product Type: Leather Bag
SKU: MSG1804
Vendor: Leather Warrior

Color: Dark Brown
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Crazy Horse Leather Briefcase Large Capacity Tote Bag Men Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag

Model Number: MSG1804

Dimensions: 13.8"L x 5.1"W x 10.6"H / 35 cm(L) x 13 cm(W) x 27 cm(H)

Weight: 4 lb / 1.9 kg

Shoulder Strap: Adjustable & Removable

Color: Dark Brown



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Introducing Leather Warrior's versatile Leather Backpack Bag, an ideal companion for both academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Crafted with precision from genuine leather, this backpack seamlessly combines durability with contemporary design. The Leather School Bag features a spacious interior with multiple compartments, including a dedicated laptop sleeve, ensuring organized storage for your essentials. The adjustable shoulder straps offer comfort, making it perfect for daily use. Elevate your style with Leather Warrior's commitment to quality and craftsmanship, evident in every detail of this leather backpack. Experience the perfect fusion of functionality and fashion as you navigate your school or work routine with this timeless leather bag.