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Vendor: Leather Warrior

Handmade Tote Bag Crazy Horse Leather Shoulder Bag Shopping Bag

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Product Type: women bag
SKU: 0669
Vendor: Leather Warrior

Color: Dark Coffee
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Handmade Tote Bag Crazy Horse Leather Shoulder Bag Shopping Bag

Model Number:  0669

Dimensions: 12.99"L x 4.3"W x 15.2"H / 33 cm(L) x 11 cm(W) x 38.5 cm(H)

Weight: 3.5 lb. / 1.6 kg

Shoulder Strap: Adjustable & Removable

Color:  Dark Coffee



  • Leather Warrior Business Bag:

    • Unleash your professional prowess with the Leather Warrior, a symbol of strength and style.
    • Meticulously crafted from premium leather for enduring quality.
    • Imbued with a commanding presence, ideal for the modern professional.
  • Sleek Design:

    • Timeless elegance meets modern aesthetics, making it a versatile accessory.
    • Subtle detailing enhances the bag's overall sophistication.
  • Functional Interior:

    • Well-organized compartments cater to the needs of the contemporary executive.
    • Ample storage for documents, gadgets, and daily essentials.
  • Ergonomic Features:

    • Designed for comfort with ergonomic handles, ensuring ease of carry during daily commutes.
    • Secure closures provide peace of mind, safeguarding your valuables.
  • Available for Sale:

    • Explore our collection and own the Leather Warrior Business Bag today.
    • Elevate your professional image with this exceptional leather bag, now available for purchase.

Introducing our meticulously crafted Professional Leather Business Bag, an epitome of sophistication and functionality tailored for the discerning individual. Constructed with precision using premium leather, this exquisite briefcase exudes a timeless elegance suitable for the corporate realm. Designed to seamlessly integrate into the modern professional's lifestyle, it features a well-organized interior with dedicated compartments, providing optimal storage for documents, gadgets, and essentials. The sleek exterior, adorned with subtle detailing, enhances your executive presence, making it an indispensable accessory for boardroom meetings and daily commutes alike. The amalgamation of style and practicality extends to the ergonomic handles and secure closures, ensuring a seamless transition between business engagements. Elevate your professional image with our Professional Leather Business Bag – where craftsmanship meets corporate refinement.