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iPhone 13pro Leather Protective Case

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Product Type: leather cases
SKU: 302B1C169C234D659758F4659BC17F1C
Vendor: Leather Warrior

Model: iPhone13
Color: Black
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  • Compatibility: Designed for various iPhone models (iPhone 13mini, iPhone13, iPhone13pro, iPhone13promax, iPhone12mini, iPhone12/12pro, iPhone12promax, iPhone7/8/se2, iPhone7/8plus, iPhone XR, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XSMAX, iPhone6S, iPhone6PLUS, iPhone11pro, iPhone11, iPhone11promax) and Samsung models (Samsung S22, S22+, S22ultra, S21, S21+, S21ultra, S20, S20+, S20ultra, S10, S10E, S10plus, S9, S9plus, S8plus, S8, S7, S7edge, S21FE, S20FE, Note20, Note20ultra).
  • Craftsmanship: Expertly crafted with the latest design technology for a stylish and protective case.
  • Material: Constructed with high-quality leather for a timeless aesthetic and durability.
  • Protection: Provides unparalleled protection for your iPhone and Samsung devices from drops, bumps, and scratches.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various iPhone and Samsung models, ensuring versatility and convenience.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Leather warrior is guarding your valuable devices and accessories.
  • Tough and Stylish: Combines toughness with style, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Must-Have Accessory: A must-have accessory to safeguard your iPhone and Samsung devices.
  • Timeless Aesthetic: Blends a timeless aesthetic with modern design elements.
  • Guardian of Accessories: Protects not only your devices but also your Leather bag, Leather wallet, and other Leather products.
  • Easy Installation: Effortless installation for immediate use and protection.
  • Latest Design Technology: Incorporates the latest design technology for a sleek and contemporary look.

iPhone 13pro Leather Protective Case Notice: Models that can be ordered (iPhone): iPhone13mini iPhone13 iPhone13pro iPhone13promax iPhone12mini iPhone12/12pro iPhone12promax Phone7/8/se2 iPhone7/8plus iPhone XR iPhone X/XS iPhone XSMAX iPhone6S iPhone6PLUS iPhone11pro iPhone11 iPhone11promax Available models (Samsung phones): Samsung S22 Samsung S22+ Samsung S22ultra Samsung S21 Samsung S21plus Samsung S21ultra Samsung S20 Samsung S20plus Samsung S20ultra Samsung S10 Samsung S10E Samsung S10plus Samsung S9 Samsung S9plus Samsung S8plus Samsung S8 Samsung S7 Samsung S7edge Samsung S21FE Samsung S20FE Samsung note20 Samsung note20ultra Crafted with the latest design technology, our Leather Protective Case is a must-have accessory to protect your iPhone 13pro, iPhone 13promax, iPhone 12/12pro, iPhone 12promax, iPhone XS, iPhone XSMAX, iPhone 11pro, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11promax, as well as Samsung S22, S22+, S22ultra, S21, S21+, S21ultra, S20, S20+, S20ultra, S10, S10E, S10+, S9, S9+, S8+, S8, S7, S7edge, S21FE, S20FE, Note20, and Note20ultra. Combine a timeless aesthetic with unparalleled protection with this tough and stylish Leather Protective case. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Leather warrior is guarding your Leather bag, Leather wallet and other Leather products from unexpected drops, bumps and scratches.