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Vendor: Leather Warrior

Compact Top Grain Leather Messenger Bags Men's Minimalist Shoulder Bags Satchel

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Product Type: Leather Bag
SKU: 1007
Vendor: Leather Warrior

Color: Black
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Compact Top Grain Leather Messenger Bags Men's Minimalist Shoulder Bags Satchel

Model Number:1007

Dimensions: 6.3"L x 2.5"W x 8.5"H /16cm(L) x 6.5cm(W) x 21.5cm(H)             

Weight: 1.1lb / 0.51kg

Shoulder Strap: Adjustable & Removable

Color: Black


  • Leather Warrior Unveiled: Introducing our exquisite Compact Top Grain Leather Messenger Bag, a true leather warrior designed for professionals seeking style and functionality.

  • Top-Notch Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted with top grain leather, this bag guarantees enduring durability while exuding a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic.

  • Versatility Redefined: Seamlessly transitioning from a sleek leather shoulder bag to a practical messenger bag, it caters to the diverse needs of the modern individual.

  • Organized Interior: Thoughtfully designed with a dedicated cell pocket and wallet pocket, this leather bag ensures a well-organized space for your essentials, enhancing convenience.

  • Security at Its Core: Fitted with a reliable YKK zipper, this leather warrior prioritizes the safety of your belongings, providing peace of mind in every professional endeavor.

  • Adjustable Comfort: Featuring an adjustable shoulder strap, this leather handbag prioritizes comfort, ensuring adaptability to your dynamic lifestyle.

  • For Sale Now: Elevate your professional image with this remarkable leather bag, now available for sale. Own a piece that harmoniously blends style and practicality, making a statement in the world of business accessories.

Introducing our meticulously crafted Compact Top Grain Leather Messenger Bag – a paragon of professionalism and sophistication. This leather warrior stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of style and functionality, designed to meet the discerning needs of the modern professional. The exterior is adorned with top grain leather, exuding an aura of timeless elegance while ensuring unwavering durability. Within, organizational prowess takes center stage with a thoughtfully arranged interior featuring a dedicated cell pocket and wallet pocket, meticulously catering to your essentials. Security is paramount with the inclusion of a robust YKK zipper. The adjustable shoulder strap adds a touch of adaptability, ensuring comfort and ease during your on-the-go endeavors. This leather handbag transcends mere utility; it embodies a professional statement, a manifestation of refined taste that complements the dynamic lifestyle of the contemporary businessperson. Elevate your professional presence with the perfect amalgamation of style and practicality.