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Vintage Female Over The Knee High Leather Boot

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Product Type: women leather shoes
SKU: C48BFE0378CA4C15A3009719208DE1A4
Vendor: Leather Warrior

color: black no fur
size: 34
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  • Vintage Female Over-The-Knee High Leather Boot
  • Crafted from Quality Cowhide for Timeless Elegance
  • Square Toe Shape for Classic Appeal
  • Above-The-Knee Height for Sophistication
  • Available in Plain Black and Black with Fur Options
  • Sizes Ranging from 34 to 39 for the Perfect Fit
  • Perfect Blend of Style and Durability
  • Long-Term Investment in Your Wardrobe
  • Quality Leather Offers Timeless Look
  • Strong Enough to Withstand Regular Wear and Tear
  • Choose from Genuine Cowhide Leather or Black Fur
  • Personalize Your Ideal Leather Warrior Footwear
  • Available for Sale Now
  • Elevate Your Style with Enduring Leather Chic
  • Limited Edition Offerings


Step into timeless elegance with the Vintage Female Over-The-Knee High Leather Boot, a classic crafted from high-quality cowhide. With a square toe shape and above-the-knee height, this boot exudes sophistication. Available in both plain black and black with fur, and sizes ranging from 34 to 39, you can find the perfect fit for your style. This leather warrior footwear is a perfect blend of style and durability, ensuring a long-term investment in your wardrobe. Quality leather shoes not only offer a timeless look but are also strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear. Choose between genuine cowhide leather and the added warmth of black fur to personalize your ideal over-the-knee boot, and embrace the enduring style of a true leather warrior.